Nine months after the last release the developers of Inkscape have released an update to version 0.92.4. However, some other news may be more exiting for users of the vector graphics program: After 15 years of existence of the Inkscape project with 0.x version numbers the Alpha version 1.0 is now released for testing. Neither the stable update nor the alpha are available in Ubuntu’s official package repos. However, the Inkscape developer’s PPA comes to the rescue.

If you prefer mature software or use Inkscape professionally, the stable version 0.92.4 offers bugfixes as well as performance improvements. Now groups of objects can be aligned to a single object, extensions work faster, and with printers especially from Canon, EPSON, Konica Minolta, printing errors have been fixed.

The Alpha version has a revamped user interface that can be customized with themes and offers HiDPI screen support. Paths are essential when when working with vector graphics; working with paths in Inkscape 1.0 is much faster. However, hardware acceleration support is still missing.

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